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This page is divided into THREE Sections:
I. Dramatized Programs Still Broadcast Over The Air In The United States
II. Network Dramas From The Golden Age Of Radio, 1922 - 1962.
III. Radio Classics From 1963 to the Present NEW!!!

Dramatic Programs Still Broadcast Over The Air in the United States.

The following are broadcast series created and designed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ that are currently on the air over AM or FM stations in the continental United States. Dates for a few series may refer to the beginning of the founding ministry and not the broadcast premiere date. These programs are listed in chronological order.

Network Abbreviations:
BBN - Bible Broadcasting Network
FBN - Fundamental Broadcasting Network

Children’s Bible Hour (Daily Story Time) Children’s (1942 - present)
Fun half-hour series of songs, games and stories with real children. Airs today in reruns each Saturday with some up to date comments from longtime host “Uncle Charlie” Vander Meer, perhaps the nicest voice in radio. The second longest running children’s radio program in history and the longest of any medium in North America. Monday thru Friday (Daily Story Time) broadcasts are heard in some areas as the second half of BBN’s Captain’s Club.

Stories of Great Christians. Biographical dramas (1946 - 1990)
Moody Radio classic series of 61 biographies totaling 1,351 episodes, of pastors, missionaries, industrialists, scientists, and thinkers. Still in demand, still on the air. Famous lives portrayed include Rev. Peter Marshall, Rose Warner, and George Washington Carver.
Heard on BBN stations Monday - Friday 5:15pm EST.

Your Story Hour. Children’s (1949 - present).
Dramatized stories for children that currently air on 1,000 stations in America, 3,000 worldwide.

Unshackled. True-life dramas (October 7, 1950 - present) 3200+ episodes.
Longest running broadcast radio drama in history! 
Broadcast over 14,000 times a week in several languages and nations! Still recorded in front of a studio audience from Pacific Garden Ministries, “The Old Lighthouse” in Chicago, Illinois. Presents true life stories of men and women dealing with issues ranging from alcoholism to mental depression whose lives were “unshackled” by the love of Christ. Visit to find a local radio station or hear archived episodes. Episodes that deal with more mature content are given a parental advisory at the beginning.
Unshackled 65th Anniversary blog article

Children’s Bible Club. Children’s (1954 - present)
A story and song radio ministry started by a minister’s wife in South Carolina. Heard on 50+ stations in America plus a few internationally. Broadcast on Saturdays mornings on FBN stations.

Ranger Bill: Warrior of the Woodland. Juvenile Adventure (1954 - c. 1961)
ABC Radio’s The Silver Eagle (1951-1955), about a Northwestern Mountie, was supposedly radio’s last juvenile adventure program, but this series by Moody Radio has its legion of fans from over the past sixty years. The adventures of a forest ranger, his ward and many loyal friends. Fine children's radio which is still heard on many American radio stations. Airs weekday afternoons on some FBN stations.

The Bible In Living Sound. (1964 - present)
450 dramatized stories from the Bible, usually presented in half hours for some radio markets. (More information coming soon) Check for local listings.
Heard on FBN Stations Mon - Fri. 12:05pm EST.

Children's Gospel Club. (1965 - present)
The ministry of Bill and Nacny Mason of Greenville, SC. Currently airs weekday afternoons on FBN.
Heard on FBN Stations Mon - Fri. 4:30pm EST.

A Visit With Mrs. G. [Bible Stories Alive]Children's (c. early 1970s - present)
The international radio ministry of Mrs. Kitty Anna Griffiths "Mrs. G", beloved teacher, author, and Bible storyteller. Heard on hundreds of stations worldwide.

A Visit With Mrs. G. - Station Listings

Captain’s Club. Children’s (1979 – present)
Five day a week ministry of Ken and Dot Sparks, who play Captain Chester Peake, and the club’s secretary Miss Sparkle. Riddles, and Bible quizzes alternate between Paul Collins’ “Sugar Creek Gang” stories, and Daily Story Time with Uncle Charlie. There is something unmistakably charming about the Sparks as they talk to the youngsters.
BBN. Mon-Fri, 4:00pm EST.

BBN Schedule Page for Captain's Club

BBN Radio on YouTube - Remembering Ken Sparks (Captain Chesterpeake)

Tinyberg Tales. Narrated stories (1985-1993)
Storytelling series, based on the stories of minister Robert “Bob” Hastings (not to be confused with the late golden age radio actor Bob Hastings), about a small town of citizens who use faith in their daily lives.
Heard nationally on BBN stations Saturdays 11:00 am, 10:30pm EST.

Obituary for Robert J. Hastings from the Baptist Press, Monday January 29, 1997.

Christian Classics. Narrative stories (June 1985 - present).
Lynn Brooks narrates the best in classic Christian literature, reading the works of many authors, from Charles Sheldon to Christmas Carol Kauffman. Some of Lynn's favorite works are The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, Pilgrim's Progess by John Bunyan, In His Steps by Sheldon, and Rachel by Agnes Scott Kent.
A special thanks to Lynn Brooks for providing this information!
BBN Monday - Friday: 4:45 AM, 12:15 PM, 10:00 PM EST.
BBN Christian Classics page.

Adventures in Odyssey. Family (1987 - present) 700+ episodes
Family comedy/adventure series that is the second most popular Bible-based program in America, with over 1.5 million listeners per week. Fun for kids and adults, with beloved characters John Avery Whitaker, Connie, Eugene and many more. Heard in numerous stations throughout the U.S. and available on CD in select Christian bookstores. A ministry of Focus On The Family.

Children's Music Room. Music. (c. 1991 - present).
You are invited to sit in the "Beanbag Chair of Honor" as announcer Mike Dize and Bogus Personage host a wonderful assortment of Christian children's music. A hallmark of Saturday mornings on BBN for the young and young at heart.
A special thanks to Mike Dize for providing this information!
9:25am - 9:45am EST (following the Children's Bible Hour and before Patch The Pirate) & c. 10:25am to 11:00am EST (following Adventures in Odyssey). 

Patch the Pirate (The Adventures of Patch The Pirate, Sing-Along With Patch The Pirate)
(1995 - present) Children’s Musical Adventure
Fun musical adventure serial that went from 45 stations to over 450, making it the third largest children’s religious outreach according to the National Association of Religious Broadcasters. Geared toward grades 2nd to 5th but good for all ages.  Also heard in the Bahamas and South Africa. Airs in many stations on Saturday mornings.

Paws & Tales 
(2001 - present)
The children's radio ministry of Chuck Swindoll. Heard on over 450 stations.

Kids Corner. (???? - present). The radio children's ministry of Back to God Ministries International.

Focus On The Family Radio Theater. ( - present) -

Daily Bible Reading With Alexander Scourby [various titles]. (??? - present)
Scourby completed these famous recordings for the American Society For The Blind between 1949 and 1953. I would like to know when these recordings began to appear on radio.

Down Gilead Lane (???? - present)
A popular audio drama from CBH/Keys for Kids Ministries. Available for streaming online.

Lighten Up! with Ken Davis (???? - present) 
"Lighten Up! with Ken Davis is a two-minute daily feature designed to brighten your day and encourage your faith. With humor and insight, Ken will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God, your family, and those around you."

Radio Dramas From The Golden Age of Radio (c. 1922 - c. 1962)

Some of the following programs were not produced by a Christian ministry, but may have still had a theological consultant to review scripts and content, while others were genuinely made with the intent of encouraging Bible study and are listed together here as a growing record of the history of Biblical dramas and storytelling with Christian themes in American broadcasting.

Children's Bible Story [Children's Bible Stories, Bible Story For The Children] - Children's (1922 - c. 1923 ??, KDKA Pittsburgh)
An early radio ministry of Rev. W. A. Logan of the Alpha Lutheran Church of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania. Being at the historic KDKA station may mean it was the first children's bible program every broadcast.

How Granny Told The Bible Stories - Children's (October 19, 1924 - c. 1925, WDAK Philadelphia; WLIT 1925).
The program was most likely based on the 1921 children's book of the same name by Eleanor Herr Boyd. The program aired over two Philadelphia stations. It was hosted or narrated by "Dream Daddy" Harry Ehrhart, one of radio's earliest children's "uncles" over WDAR - LIT on alternate Sundays. The station was later renamed WLIT in favor of the Lit Brothers who were co-owners of station. Interestingly today WLIT is WFIL "Philadelphia Christian Radio" AND the call letters WDAR now belong to a FM contemporary Christian station in Darlington, South Carolina.

Bible Stories For Young PeopleChildren’s (1924 WBBR, Buffalo NY)
The exact contents of this program are unknown except that it was hosted by a woman named Mrs. J. F. Stephenson.

Two kiddie records from Aunt Theresa's KYB Club. From the Author's Collection.

KYB Club [Aunt Theresa’s KYB Club] Children’s (WMBI, 1926 – 1971)
The Know Your Bible Club was the long running children’s ministry from the pioneering Moody Bible Institute radio station in Chicago. Hosting for the program continued with  "Aunt Theresa" Worman beginning in 1933. By the late 1960s it had become the longest running program in American broadcasting. Worman was also the author of several children's books and devotionals. A number of Bible song records (above) were released from the series.

Article from the Chicago Tribune about the KYB Club
Shnay, Jerry. "Crystal Set Radio Era Lingers On". Chicago Tribune. February 20, 1969, pg. 85.

Aunt Martha's Children's Hour - Children's (c. 1926 - 1928, KTBI Los Angeles)
More information is needed from radio logs and histories. KTBI is usually sited as the first all-Christian radio station in history. If so then the "Aunt Martha" program may have been the first children's ministry from any Christian broadcasting station. Aunt Martha aired Sunday through Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:15pm to 8:00pm and Fridays an hour earlier.

Rare paperback cover for Bible Dramas by William Ford Manley. From the Author's Collection.

Biblical Dramas - religious dramas (1927 - 1929, NBC)
Possibly the first of its kind, broadcast from NBC with scripts written by William Ford Manley (1896-1954) and directed by Gerald Stoop. The show's performers included some Broadway performers, usually credited as a group called the "National Players". Episodes are not known to exist but Manley authored three books (one pictured above) with scripts for home and church use. Check you local (theology ) library for these texts. Newspaper church bulletins reveal that Manley's scripts were used for worship and drama services into the early 1940s.

Uncle Fred's Biola Children's Club - Children's (c. 1928 - 19??, KTBI Los Angeles)
Morning time (8:00am daily) program from Biola University's historic radio station. A possible replacement for the Aunt Martha program.

Readings From The Bible - (WMAQ, Chicago, 1928 - c. 1937)
Bill Hay, announcer for the Amos 'n' Andy program did this series of very popular Bible readings from Chicago, before moving to Los Angeles where he resumed Bible readings in 1942.

Immortal Dramas - religious dramas (1935, NBC)
Well received series of Bible dramas that were sponsored by Montgomery Ward. This series only ran for thirteen weeks and some review articles from the time suggest that it was a faithful adaption of select Bible stories. No episodes exist today, but the program is well researched.

Bible Dramas - religious dramas (1935, WMAQ)
This was a series of 18 presentations by the Chicago Bible Society. Each episode was narrated by Bill Hay, who at the time was the nation's most familiar announcer for his work on Amos 'n' Andy.

Immortal Stories From The Book of Books (a.k.a. The Sunday Players) - (c. 1935 - c. 1942 ?, syn.). This was a widely syndicated series of Bible dramas by the "Sunday Players" of Los Angeles, California or the "Sunday Players of Hollywood". Trade magazine ads suggest this program was available for broadcast into the late 1940s. Its wide syndication may be the likely reason why some episodes have survived in archives.

Audio Clips from the Recorded Sound Archives of Florida Atlantic University Libraries:
Immortal Stories from the Book of Books - Crossing the Red Sea

Uncle Bob's Bible Stories (a.k.a. Stories From The Bible) children's (c. 1939 - ????, KARK Little Rock, Ark.)
A Sunday morning program with Corporal Robert L. Buice as master of ceremonies. Buice was a legend in Arkansas broadcasting and his Bible series may have been the longest running radio program in that state.
Arkansas Agriculture Hall of Fame article on Robert L. Buice

The Light of The World - daytime soap opera (!)/religious drama. (1940 - 1950, CBS).
Yes, in a decade where over 40 soaps operas could air in single week there was one based on the Bible! It was a hit with audiences and clergy during its run and adapted mostly stories from the Old Testament. Various actors appeared in various roles. The most famous announcer was Bret Morrison (The Shadow). Like most radio soap operas episodes are very scarce. The special V-E Day episode (6/6/1944) is enjoyable. Sponsored by General Mills.

Children's Chapel - children's (c. 1941 WBEN)
Children's radio series hosted by a woman named Hilary Kuhl.

Chaplain Jim, U.S.A. - daytime/soap opera. (April 2, 1942 - June 30, 1946, NBC, MBS)
The story of a young military chaplain during World War II, sponsored by the United States War Department. At least one episode is known to exist.

Bill Hay Reads The Bible - (1942 - ?? KHJ, KMPC [now KSPN] Los Angeles)
Bill Hay the former announcer of the Amos 'n' Andy program did this series from Los Angeles.  
Hay actually began on the air Bible readings over WMAQ Chicago in 1928 when the Amos 'n Andy program aired from their offices. Also heard over the Mutual Radio Network.

Uncle Win's Bible Hour - children's (1943 - c. mid 1960s).
Radio ministry of the Rev. Winfield "Uncle Win" Ruelke, founder of the Children's Bible Fellowship of New York. Rev. Ruelke started a television ministry in 1953.

Radio Kids Bible Club - (1943 - ????) A children's ministry founded by Dr. J. C. "Cliff" Brumfield, that started in the midwest, before reaching a global audience. At least one album was produced by Zondervan for children. I would like more information on Dr. Brumfield and the Radio Kids Bible Club.

The Story of The Bible (c. 1946) religious dramas.
Sometimes confused with “The Light of The World”, this is a good radio program of unknown origin, with a single episode circulating around the internet, and also posted in my original Family Bible Media Collection site. The Narrator is George Haskins.

Listen To:
Story of The Bible - September 24, 1946
Sole surviving episode of a radio drama based on the Old Testament. Episode depicts the stories of Cain & Abel, and Noah's Ark. 

The Greatest Story Ever Told [Radio series] religious dramas (1947 - 1956, ABC),
Successful radio drama adopted from the Gospels by Guideposts editor Fulton Oursler. Creative liberties were taken in every aspect except for Jesus, who spoke word for word exactly what was in the Bible, voiced by actor Warren Parker. This program was also adapted into a novel, a handful of now forgotten early 1950s TV specials and a curious big screen epic in 1965 directed by George Stevens with Max Von Sydow as Christ. The radio program was sponsored by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, who reverently, were only referred to in the beginning of each broadcast.

Listen To:
Greatest Story Ever Told, The. December 14, 1947. "Go And Be Counted"
Third in a five part series from the ABC radio drama series which told the story of the birth of Christ. Sponsored by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Upper Room. drama. (1947 - ????)
For a few years the Upper Room Ministries would produce radio dramas for "National Family Week" dealing with current topics of family life and strife. The 1947 series "So You Want To Stay Married" can still be heard in its entirety.

Down Our Way. drama. (syn. c. 1949 - ????)
Very little is known about this 26 episode half-hour series despite the number of episodes that exist. A very heartwarming series that centers around members of a church choir and the goings on around their community. Produced by Commodore Productions, more well known for producing the "Hopalong Cassidy" radio series.

Heartbeat Theater. (syn. March 1956 - January 1985)
Series of radio dramas produced by the Salvation Army. Downloadable from various websites. I've seen transcription discs of this series on Ebay several times and have no doubt collectors are purchasing and digitizing more episodes of this series.

Radio Classics from 1963 to the Present

Fables of Faith. (c. 1970 - ????)
A children's radio series of at least 109 stories, exact content unknown, produced by Vann Owen Trapp. This series was known to have aired in the mid 1980s on Moody Bible stations.

Critter County on Radio (c. 1985 - ????)
The radio ministry of Christine Wyrtzen, creator of the Critter County children's album that was released in 1984. On her weekly radio program, Christine presented music and Bible learning in a fun way along with Sidney, the talking squirrel.

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