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Welcome to the Family Bible Storytelling Media Blog!!!

The blogger is James R. Stewart a born again librarian and researcher. I started the FBSM blog after years of researching the history of dramatic radio & TV broadcast based on the Bible, as well as instructional technology, comics, and other audio-visual media. From my personal experiences and testimony I know the power that many ministries have in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ via dramatic media. My first website about biblical storytelling media was an experimental website created for a digital libraries class:

ArchiveBuilder's Family Bible Storytelling Media Collection 

There are three purposes for this Blog:

To show the long history of creative Christian ministry through multiple media formats.

To teach about the lives, ministries and creative ideas of Bible-based storytelling ministries from the past to inspire today's parents, teachers, and media ministers. 

To share today's creative ministries that lead to the golden narrow path and a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

For my testimony and more in-depth reasons for why I do this blog please read these older posts:

Origins Of Family Bible Storytelling Media, Part I

Origins Of Family Bible Storytelling Media, Part II

Mission Statement For The Family Bible Storytelling Media Blog:

Family Bible Storytelling Media is resource blog for the history of creative storytelling based on the Holy Bible via various audio-visual formats. Many ministries from radio dramas to the earliest television programs will be shared by this blog in the hope of inspiring current and future media ministers, parents and teachers. - 2 Timothy, 3:14-17

What Can Be Found On This Blog?
I will focus mainly on radio programs, television programs, comics, children's books, instructional technology and films created by Protestant ministries. Media not created by ministries, but instead for entertainment may be featured in a historical context.

More Questions or Comments
Please contact me James R. Stewart Jr. at jrstewa4@gmail.com

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